The Star Trek Style Tricorder becomes reality


The world is rapidly advancing regarding technology. Science Fiction has been made a reality with the Scanadu Scouts Star Trek-style Tricorder. The Scanadu Scout is a medical grade Tricorder designed to use your smartphone and Bluetooth LE to emulate an Emergency room right in your pocket. The device comes in a nifty small box that contains a micro USB cable for charging purposes, a basic instruction manual which provides details on how to download and install the free companion app.

This innovation is a breakthrough in the medical field. The device can measure a person, Heart rate, blood pressure, Emotional stress, ECG, Respiratory rate, SpO2(Oximetry) and even Skin/core body temperature.

How does the device work?

The Scanadu Scout Tricorder works by touching your forehead for approximately 10 seconds. The device then connects wirelessly to an application on your smartphone and provides a detailed analysis of the data collected.

In order activate and be able to use the scout, the users must first download the application and then unlock it. The next step that follows is to pair the phone with the device mainly via Bluetooth. A person using the device is then prompted to enter an array of personal information into the app.

The Scanadu is a small round white disk that measures about two inches wide and half an inch thick. The device can be handled by anyone with basic knowledge.

The gadget, when placed on the forehead, utilizes the following: light to measure the rate of oxygen intake, a small electrical plate under the thumb to measure the heart rate and an accelerometer to establish how the chest extends when a person breathes. Other sensors in the gadgets measure temperature, blood pressure, and other many body functions.

How to use the Scanadu Scout Tricorder?

To create a circuit with the heart, a person has to use the left hand. The index finger should be placed firmly on the top of the sensor, and the front sensor should be aligned properly with the person’s temple. The device is then placed on the forehead to begin scanning. The results are produced instantaneously in near real time.

What is unique about the Scanadu Scout App?

The amazing feature of the app is that unlike other similar apps, the scout translates data into simple terms that might require WebMD search but not a medical degree. In short, the app describes some terminologies in layman’s language that anyone can understand and comprehend.

The Scanadu Scout is among the latest “real sci-fi” advances in the medical field. It allows the users to see their health fingerprint very clearly and quickly. Moreover, on so many levels, the device makes sense. For instance, when you visit the doctor, the first thing the doctor does is to take your vital signs to see your health status. In this way, having the Scanadu Scout Tricorder is just like having a doctor in your pocket.


In summary, even though advances in technology causes some disadvantages, there are some advantages associated with this advancement and the Scanadu Tricorder is one of them. Even though the gadget has not received FDA clearance, it is hoped that once approved, millions of lives will be saved by this “friendly pocket doctor.”

The video below explains the competition to create real-life Tricorders.

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