Robotic Nurse Assistants

Due to advancement in technology, nowadays you will find robotic nurse assistants in hospitals and other health care facilities. The robots are just machines which can be used to lift patients and move then to different areas in a hospital setting. The robots have been designed in such a way they will make it very easy for nurses to move patients. They move on the floor which is unlike telescopic systems which can be used to lift patients. The robots have been designed to assure patients and nurses who apply them in hospitals great safety. The robots use computer systems to take different commands. This makes it very easy to control the systems.


Benefits of application of robotic nurse assistants

Reduces incidences of clinical work place injury

The application of robotic nurse assistants makes it easy for cases of workplace injury to reduce drastically. For instance, the system employs use of highly specialized machines which make it very easy to avoid incidences of accidents. For example, they will ensure the center of gravity is adjusted accordingly so that they will avoid dropping patients. Cases of lost work time and workman’s compensation claims will reduce drastically due to the introduction of the robotics in the nursing industry.


Fewer patients’ falls

Patient falls are caused by improper handling, the application of the robots is aimed at making it easy for patients to achieve proper handling at all times. This is made possible through use of sensors on the bodies of the robots. There are some patients who are heavy, they will tend to stress nurses when it comes to lifting them, but, due to introduction of the robots, it is very easy to handle patients of different sizes. The robots receive commands from nurses. This makes it easy for nurses to make their work easy when working in their workplaces.


Improved clinical staff satisfaction

More and more nurses will enjoy their workplace due to the introduction of the robots. There are several tasks which the robots can do. This reduces the work load of nurses hence making it possible for the nurses to serve as many people as possible in day. Many health centers which are trying to improve their operation have turned to the robots as a way of making their operation more efficient.


Improved patient satisfaction

Patient will like to visit hospitals where they will be handed well. It is very easy for patients to achieve quick and effective services if they will visit a center where they will be served by nurses as well as robots which will help the nurses accomplish their services. The operation cost of the hospitals goes down due to the introduction of the robots; this in effect makes it easy for patients to access health care services at fair rates. This in return will make the hospital receive more referrals which in return will lead to the hospitals standing out as the best. Hospitals where patient access quality services will tend to perform better because most satisfied patients will refer others to where they were treated well.


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