3D Printed Biological Materials

Through the application of 3D Printed Biological Materials, it is possible nowadays for scientists to create tissue like structures which can be used in the medical field. For example, there are patients who suffer from health conditions which interfere with the proper working of their organs. It is very easy to treat such organs through the application of 3D printed biological materials. Some of the human organs which can be printed include liver, the heart, kidney among other body organs.


Areas where 3D Printed Biological Materials technology has been applied

Printing human embryonic stem cells

Stem cells are the one which grow into different tissues in the body. From the advancement in technology, it is now possible to have the cells printed in a laboratory. The technology uses a valve based cell printer to spit out living human embryonic stems cells. This is a breakthrough in the medicine world because the cells can be used to create tissues which will play a great role in testing drugs as well as helping in organ replacement procedures.


Printing blood vessels and heart tissue

Sheets of cardiac tissue and blood vessels have already been printed through the application of the technology. The tissues which were printed were able to beat just like a human heart. Blood vessels have been printed which makes it easy for scientists to come up with an artificial heart supplied with blood vessels. This is a great achievement in medicine. Health complications related to blood and the heart can be addressed through the application of the technology.


Printing skin

There are many health complications which can arise from the skin. Scientists have gone further to come up with a technology where skin cells can be printed. This makes it easy for those who are suffering from skin complications to easily have their health complications dealt with. Skin damaged from diseases and sun burns can be replaced through the application of the technology.


Patching a broken heart

Damaged heart can be repaired through the application of 3D printed cells. There are some people who suffer from health complications such as heart attack; it is possible for them to have their health complications dealt with through the application of the technology.


Printing cartilage & bone

3D printing professionals have been working on how they can print skeletal system. The same group of scientists who made the skin also went further to come up with bone and cartridge 3D printing. From the results which they came up with, it is possible to have printed stem cells which will develop into cartilage and bone.


Studying cancer with printed cells

Cancer is among health complications which have disturbed many people, nowadays it is possible to have the stem cancer cells studied into details so that medical professionals can come up with the right treatment procedures. Scientists are able to study how the cells develop so that they will know the right approaches which they can use to manage cancer. The printed cells can give a clear idea of how cancer spreads in cells.


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